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Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11 Remembered...?

I suppose it’s a myth that the Mainstream Media is liberally biased.
I suppose it’s possible I have become a grumpy old man who looks for things to complain about.
One can expect that on this, the fourth anniversary of our country’s darkest day, the MSM might downplay their memorial editions, their retrospectives, maybe even omit any photos.

But this morning’s front page of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland’s [only] newspaper, is conspicuously lacking: Other than the date, the only mention of “9/11” is this article blaming the Federal Government for its reportedly horrible job of sending billions of dollars to New Orleans.
Guess I’m just getting old.

Thank goodness for Malkin.
There are still real reporters out there.


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Anonymous Acai Berries said...

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