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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina Stories

On The Bandwagon

Reportedly there are "tons" of bloggers linking to this posting, so here's one more. As we go to print the rather unbelievable accounts are as yet unconfirmed. With hope, this posting will be updated with a notice of its invalidity.
This may or may not be the time or space to get political about the catastrophe of New Orleans. But if you're sick of hearing the bungling politicos harangue President Bush for everything, from ignoring 'global warming' thus causing the big hurricane, to goofing off on vacation, fiddling while Rome burned, read this piece by Jim Geraghty on the hilarious blame game. I read Anne Rice's open letter over the weekend and had a bit of trouble feeling much sympathy. This helps.

NOTE: Regular readers of my 'blog....(my little brother always chuckles when I begin a sentence with that phrase)... may have noticed my absence for most of August. I've been busy, but hope to maintain my [somewhat] regular postings.


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