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Monday, June 06, 2005

Joe Biden: Plagiarist, Taliban Travel Agent

He lost his longshot presidential bid back in the ‘80s when Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.(D-Delaware) was exposed for stealing others’ writings and passing them off as his own.

(Making stuff up may have disqualified him for Prez, but Biden is now poised for a stellar career over at Newsweek, The New Republic, CBS News, the NYT…)

He long ago joined ranks with the enemy, becoming a favorite of the Left’s efforts to poison the earth with white flour. Biden strengthened his position over the weekend with this arrogant, flippant remark about Guantanamo Bay:

"This has become the greatest propaganda tool that exists for recruiting of terrorists around the world."

Propaganda? Recruiting? I have to say, Biden has it right. No, not for the reasons he wants to be, but he’s right: There is no better recruitment tool than the news of the cushy treatment al Q’aeda detainees receive in Gitmo.

As many bloggers and milbloggers have pointed out, notably the divine Ms. Malkin, the United States is going out of its way, “--to a fault, I believe--”, to accommodate the religious sensitivities of the radical head-chopping, castrating, baby-bombing militants being held at the detention center in Camp Delta, the U.S. military base in southeast Cuba.

A Gitmo detainee is tortured by being forced
to read a letter in Arabic.

Detainees are provided not only with outstanding medical care, usually found only in wealthy developed utopias like Cuba, they are given Halal (that’s the Muslim version of kosher) meals, they are called to prayer five times a day, they are given mats to pray on those five times a day, kufis (prayer caps) to wear those five times a day, special low sinks for washing their stinking feet, and, uh….they are given Korans.

They are given Korans (yes, the same Korans that were allegedly defiled by interrogators) by detention guards who are careful to handle the Korans properly (that is, with both hands, wearing gloves).

So, compared to the hell-on-earth these men came from back home in Afghanistan or in Iraq, yes, Gitmo is a picnic. All these tales of the fine care these terrorists receive may indeed be "the greatest propaganda tool that exists for recruiting." Or, as a travel agent calls it "pretty brochures."

Senator Biden better shut up or thousands more will sign up for this Caribbean summer camp.


Blogger maxim said...

The Americans shouldn't have made the facility public in the first place so left wingers couldnt have a field day with it any day some terrorist teels a hart tearing story about his mistraetement. In sted of just leting them sit on there ass you should let them work the cotton fields or something make them usefull, as for the polity questioning your personnel gives them....well i would say learn from stalin and use his methods much more effective.

10:10 PM  

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