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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Betcha Can’t Eat Just One

Left Coast Buttinskis Save Lives

Californian health ‘advocates’ apparently aren’t satisfied with their existing Nanny-State regulations, and are trying to slap warning labels on bags of chips. Cancer warning labels. On potato chips.

Cali’s Prop 65 requires warnings on all products that contain trace amounts of carcinogens, and acrylamide is one such chemical that the World Health Organization has found in some commercially-processed, starchy foods.

OK. But what about everything else in chips that’s been proven unhealthy?
These hippies can’t see the forest for the acrymalide.

A health professional who claims to be an ‘advocate’ of the public health and who enjoys the resources of the WHO studies and who has the Governor’s ear has a responsibility to find better ways to feed the people.

This measure, if effective, would only serve to punish the “big corporations” (which is the real goal of any activist, after all) who manufacture snacks by requiring the addition of warning labels. It’s an expense, but also an attempted deterrent.

Canada requires graphic warnings
on cigarettes that take up half
the area of the package.

The efforts of these attorneys, if they really cared about the public health, and if they really wanted to reduce the profits of snack giants like Frito-Lay and Proctor & Gamble, would be better spent encouraging the people to give up processed and starchy foods altogether. With hope, Governor Schwarzenegger will be more practical.


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