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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Vetoed, As Predicted

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell Vetoes SB 1309

As asserted in this column earlier, Connecticut’s Junk Food Bill was flawed in that it was based on bad nutrition myth. While any measure to limit junk food consumption by our children is a step in the right direction, much state-mandated “advice” such as this Bill, or as the USDA Pyramid, simply provides another means of escape from personal nutrition responsibility.

And, when that advice is full of incorrect data and legendary assumptions, its intended recipients suffer. The bureaucrats make money, the lobbyists retire early, the doctors publish best sellers, and all while another generation of kids grows fatter and lazier.

You can always expect an AP staff writer to blame the “big corporations” for the failure, never to admit something proposed by a Democrat politician would fail on its own merits:

“Soft drink companies lobbied fiercely against the bill. Williams said about $250,000 was spent to lobby against the legislation.”

That’s State Senate President Pro Temp Donald E. Williams, Jr., Democrat, who feels that the veto is the “biggest blunder” of Governor Rell’s administration.

Sen. Williams, left, who, when he isn’t saving your children from you, is saving owls’ habitats.

Rell explains why she agrees that “…the bill usurped the role of parents…”, that she prefers to keep such decisions within the realm of home: “It is my hope that local boards of education can take the guidelines developed by the department and tailor the guidelines in such a way that they meet the needs of the children and parents…”

Keep it local. Let the government make some decisions for us, but don’t let a bunch of bureaucrats and lobbyists make all of them.


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