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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

But is it as Good as the Risotto?

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore

A biotech company in California (surprise) is developing the latest in so-called "Frankenstein Foods": A species of rice that contains human genes. The reason? Since the grains contain the same proteins found in mother's milk, it will make the rice easier for young systems to control diarrhea.

Ventria's website features a press release extolling the virtues of adding Lactiva™ and Lysomin™ to rice-based electrolyte solutions.

Apparently, the Sacramento-based company has created synthetic versions of the human-gene proteins lactoferrin and lysozyme, and developed a method of infusing baby rice seedlings by innoculating them with bacteria containing the proteins. They have recently been approved to grow acres of this GMO crop in Kansas, to a loud, expected outcry.

The real flaw in this plan? Rice-based foods a pharmeceuticals are no better than any grain-based food. And conducting lab experiments to make rice more digestible is like mixing a neutralizing agent into gasoline so you can drink it safely. What's the point?


Blogger BS Industries said...

That's pretty disturbing.

6:14 PM  
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